Natural Materials

Equilibrium is a creative organisation that brings the true beauty of wood to our client’s homes and places of leisure. We do not in any way promote destruction or cutting down of any living species of indigenous vegetation. We can positively say that we are creating awareness of the natural beauty and not destruction of the natural habitat. All timber used in our items has been obtained with the relevant documents and community permission if necessary, from old railway ties and trees that are going to be decimated by farming or building activities.

The most predominant recycled woods we use are:

ironwoodLebombo Ironwood (Androstachys Johnsonii)

This tree likes growing at low altitudes on rocky outcrops and hillsides. The bark is very rough and dark. The heartwood is extremely hard, very tightly grained, making it very durable. The old railway ties are used and turned into fine furniture and accessories.


teakZambezi Teak (Baikiaea Plurijuqa)

This is a tree that likes open forests and mainly grows in Zambia. The heartwood is a dark red brown colour which darkens in time. The grain is very tight which makes it extremely hard to work but the finished product shows depth and a magnificent lustre. The old railway ties are used and turned into fine furniture and accessories.


chamfutaChamfute / Pod-Mahogany (Afzelia Quanzensis)

This tree likes to grow in low altitude woodland forests. It has dark brown heartwood. The wood is very hard and works into a beautiful finish. The old railway ties are used and turned into fine furniture and accessories.


leadwoodLeadwood (Combretum Imberbe)

This is a tree that likes to grow along rivers and dry watercourses. They have a very small white sapwood and dark rich heartwood. It is one of the densest woods in the world and weighs 1200kg per m³, this means it sinks in water when in log form. They frequently die standing up and the old trees that have fallen over are used for functional art pieces.


matumiMatumi (Breonadia Salicina)

This is a tree that grows along rivers and likes lots of water. The wood is very hard and durable with a rich golden colour and fire streaks of light brown and black. It has a very high oil content which protects it from the water and helps to make it so everlasting. Wood found along main river courses where they are washed up on the banks, mostly due to flooding, are used for once off beautiful pieces.


jacarandaJacaranda (Jacaranda Mimosifolia)

Originating from Argentina and planted throughout Southern Africa as ornamental trees, this timber is yellowish-white, moderately heavy, fine textured and close grained. It is classified as an invasive species in Southern Africa as they out compete indigenous species for resources, such as water, thus preventing growth of native species. We use these invasive alien trees in the manufacture of eco-friendly home décor and furniture products.