Equilibrium is part of the Spark Festival!

What is the Spark Festival?
Spark Festival is the first Eco Sustainability festival in the Lowveld – a magical confluence of music, nature and community.

Where is it held?
The backdrop for Spark Festival is Penryn College, conveniently situated on the N4 between Nelspruit and White River. A fitting setting for the convergence of inspiring music and our sustainability expo. Come experience this powerful message for positive environmental and social change.

What is on offer?
Festival-goers can expect a multifaceted and action-packed weekend, featuring the best local and national entertainment. The line up includes popular musical artists performing on multiple stages, fascinating and informative exhibits, art exhibitions and fun educational activities for a younger crowd.
Spark provides a variety of music, appealing to practically everyone’s taste. The Festival grounds will be pumping with the vibes of pop, rock, folk, DJ acts and top South African groups. All of our performers are committed to various sustainability and community projects – these include cleaning up rivers, recycling, water conservation and green education. Follow our artists on social media to see what they are up to and how you can join their projects.
Hungry and thirsty festival attendees will be spoilt for choice. A wide selection of traditional South African food, snacks, local farm fare, vegan and vegetarian delights, gourmet coffees and various health drinks will be available. Come and enjoy a drink in the beer tent with friends – old and new – or sip on a fine wine in the centrally located wine area.
Various exhibitors and experts in their respective fields are placed throughout the Festival grounds with their products on display – each festival-goer has ample examples of how to live more sustainably. The festival expo covers, among other subjects, conserving biodiversity, recycling, renewable energy, water conservation, solar, carbon footprints and steps towards greener business. While parents explore the grounds, a kids’ corner is available for youngsters to participate in activities; providing entertainment and education at the same time.

And safety?
The security of festival attendees and stall holders is paramount; we have instituted top security measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Park and rides are available not only for easy access to the festival grounds at Penryn College, but also to minimise carbon emissions due to the festival.
To promote safety, Spark aims to have a cashless festival, with only the stalls accepting cash. There will be facilities available online and at the gates to place currency on wristbands for all transactions. Watch this space for more information.

When is it held?
On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March. You can keep counting down the days with us to Spark Festival. Visit the Spark Festival website www.sparkfestival.co.za as information on activities and artists are updated weekly. Follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter for all the latest information.

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