About Us

In 1993, the entrepreneurial spirit and passion for conservation generated by founders Tammy and Andrew Chaplin, led to the beginning of what is now a multigenerational family hardwood furniture business.

Inspired by their parents resourcefulness and innovation, Bianca, Luke and Dean, are now closely involved with Equilibrium in various capacities, including marketing, management and design. Common values shared between the family members contribute to an authenticity, commitment and trust within the company that benefits our customers with informed, reliable and dedicated service.

For the last two decades we have supported some of the finest South Africa’s craftspeople in creating recycled wooden products that represent standards of good design and in turn, facilitate the enrichment of traditional craftsmanship and community building. Each unique piece is hand crafted and assembled under the supervision of Master craftsman, Andrew Chaplin. With over thirty years of experience, every piece of reclaimed and reconditioned hardwood timber is selected; cut; and finally, the piece assembled under his discerning eye.

The timber used for each individual item is dried out in a kiln, according to the specific type of timber, and the humidity of the region to where it will be shipped. This enables the timber to maintain its shape and prevents movement within the grain. Furthermore, the cut pieces are carefully selected for colour, grain and texture compatibility to ensure a seamless and perfect finish for each item. The jointing and laminating process follows age old techniques, making sure that precision is at the fore front of our construction process. All the machinery used is over 50 years old, as their robust construction is necessary to withstand the exceptionally hardwood timber that we use.

“Nothing is rushed, and all pieces are made to last for the next generations to enjoy and admire. We create timeless antiques of the future.” – Andrew Chaplin